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Le nouveau monde

Le Nouveau Monde Cultural space is a non-profit organisation. 

It is made up of people who put their energy together to pursue the cultural and social goal defined by its statutes. A passionate team, motivated by the same desire: to offer a place of culture, life and exchange.


The association works thanks to many volunteers who make the place alive throughout the season. 


Stéphane Genilloud (chairman)

Immaculée Mosoba (vice-chairman)

Monique Bruegger

Carine Nançoz

Joao Lopes


Julia Zellweger (director)

Flavien Droux (programming)

Rana Bassil (communication & press)

Catarina Sa (management)

Sylvain Aebischer (project leader) 

Raphaël Bremgartner (technique sound)

Jessica Casella (administrative assistant)

Astrid François (hospitality)

Jonathan Gross (events)

Simon Lambelet (technique light)

Virginie Pasquier (accounting)

Samuel Riedo (ticketing)


Espace Culturel

Le Nouveau Monde

+41 (0)26 322 57 67

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