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belluard bollwerk


The Belluard Bollwerk is made up of a small team. Its office is at the Ancienne Gare.


For nine days, the unique setting of the Belluard medieval fortress is home to concerts and festivals, performances and installations, dance and theater shows. Since 1983, the Belluard Bollwerk has been well inspired in discovering the talents of tomorrow, hence its excellent reputation around the world. But it is above all its warm welcome, its taste for experimentation and its roots in Fribourg that mark its character. 


Belluard Bollwerk

+41 (0)26 321 24 20

At the moment

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  • Instagram - Belluard
  • Twitter - Belluard


Oliver Collaud (Chairman)

Rana Bassil (Vice-chairman)

Igor Cardelini

Vincenzo Abate

Martin Schick


Laurence Wagner (direction)

Claudia Dennig Vasquez (administration)

Diane Fleury (communication)

Mathias Bieri (accounting)

Gionata Morganti (production)

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