Ancienne gare


The Ancienne Gare Association (Former Train Station association) brings together three major cultural organisers of the Fribourg region: Le Nouveau Monde Cultural space, the Belluard Bollwerk International Festival and the Fribourg International Film Festival. 

Created on 1st June 2004, the Ancienne Gare Association has set itself the goal of owning, renovating and operating the former Fribourg train station, with a cultural and non-profit vocation.


Today the Association represents and manages the entire building for these three cultural organisers. 


Elias Moussa (Chairman) 

Oliver Collaud (Belluard Festival delegate) 

Claudia Dennig (Belluard Festival delegate) 

Lise-Marie Graden (Le Nouveau Monde delegate)

Leandro Suarez (Le Nouveau Monde delegate)

Mathieu Fleury (FIFF delegate) 

Philippe Clivaz (FIFF delegate)


Faustine Kohler (Administrator)


Association Ancienne Gare

+41 (0)26 322 22 32

Association Ancienne Gare

Esplanade de l'Ancienne-Gare 3,

Case postale 50

CH-1701 Fribourg

+41 (0)26 322 22 32

+41 (0)79 628 91 35

Festival International

de Films de Fribourg

Esplanade de l'Ancienne-Gare 3

Case postale 262

CH-1701 Fribourg

+41 (0)26 347 42 00

Festival Belluard

Bollwerk International

Esplanade de l'Ancienne-Gare 3

Case postale 214

CH-1701 Fribourg

+41 (0)26 321 24 20

Espace Culturel

Le Nouveau Monde

Esplanade de l'Ancienne-Gare 3

Case postale 394

CH-1701 Fribourg

+41 (0)26 322 57 67