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Festival International

de Films de Fribourg

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Founded in 1980 with the aim of contributing to the visibility of the cultural riches of the South, the Fribourg International Film Festival today keeps the same objectives, since the need to show films from Africa, Latin America and Asia is still imperative for the cultural diversity of Switzerland.


The FIFF is one of the four most important film festivals in Switzerland. It has become a reference due to its diversity – ranging from the film d’auteur to the popular cinema - while being dedicated to the general public. For three decades, its quality and history have given it an excellent reputation on national and international scenes. 


Festival International

de Films de Fribourg

+41 (0)26 347 42 00

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Mathieu Fleury (Chairman)

Patrice Zurich (Vice-chairman)

Madeleine Descloux

Dominique Willemin

Lucie Bader

Paul-Albert Nobs

Erwin Jutzet


Thierry Jobin (artistic director)

Madeleine Descloux (administrator)

Samuel Grangier (financial, human resource)

Véronique Marchesi-Bossens (public reception& organisation)

Helen Zenhäusern (communication)

Jeremie Fonjallaz (digital communication)

Olga Baumer-Shigidina (professional reception
& hospitality) 

Delphine Niederberger (cultural mediation) 

Fabienne Niederberger (administrative assistant)